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We deliver several air comfort systems to manufacturers throughout Europe. Get in touch with one of our experts and discover our excellent service!


Your partner in comfort options such as; seat heaters, lumbar supports, massage systems and recliner mechanisms. Besides a wide standard range of comfort systems, we also work with leading manufacturers for which we develop and produce custom products. Are you looking for an article that matches our program? Challenge us!

At Comflair, we specialize in seating components for furniture and automotive applications, such as air comfort systems. We offer a wide range of high-quality products. The design and development of our products, such as air comfort systems, mainly take place in Western Europe. The production usually takes place in Eastern Europe.

Seat heating

With a heated seat, your furniture is always comfortably warm so, there is no need to heat up the whole house if you are a little cold and the blanket can be removed from the couch. This way comfort and energy savings go hand in hand!

Together with our partner Confer, we supply high-tech functional fittings for recliners and sofas.

In a world where everything is smart and adaptable, furniture should not be forgotten

seat heating chair electric lumbar support

Massage, heating and electric lumbar support, ultimate comfort in a relax chair

Air comfort systems and other products of the highest quality

Are you a manufacturer of, for example, car, office or vehicle seats and are you looking for air comfort systems? Thanks to our experience and collaboration with different manufactureres throughout Europe, we can offer all kinds of different parts to make your furniture adjustable. Our air comfort systems provide fresh ventilation air with additional heat or coolness. In our wide range you will find many more products, such as seath heating, recliner mechanisms and massage systems. If our standard products do not suit your needs, we have the possibility to customize systems for you

Get in touch for the right solution

We are regularly involved in the development process in order to work together with your company on a solution. Please let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to offer your company the right product. We supply a wide range of products to manufactureres throughout Europe and are happy to help you

The ultimate wellness solution

The latest generation Comflair wellness controls offer all options in one modular system. Pneumatic massage only? Or also USB charge? Add test heating or a height adjustable lumbar support, with this system, it’s all possible

Alwas a seat heater that fits

Comflair has a wide range of seat heaters for car seats. We have standard kits available for almost every seat. Besides that we also supply custom heat pads for almost every (seating) application