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Are you looking for a company where you can buy furniture components? At Comflair, you will find a wide range of products for furniture and automotive applications. We focus on manufacturers throughout Europe. These are mainly components for home, office and automotive seating manufacturers.

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You can buy all different kinds of components to make your furniture adjustable. For example, we have a seating massage system that you can incorporate into your chairs during production. We also have electric lumbar support to inflate and deflate your lumbar support with the push of a button. The design and development of our products take place in Western Europe. The production of the furniture components you can buy takes place mainly in Eastern Europe. Before you decide to buy furniture components from our company, you can request a sample. This sample can be adjusted according to your wishes and needs, so that you can be sure to receive components that are suitable for your products.

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Would you like to buy specific furniture components for your business, but are they not quite right yet? Then contact us and let us know your wishes. Our experts will gladly think along with you to find a suitable solution. Call us at + 31 313 – 65 02 71 or send an email to for more information or to request a quotation.