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Do you want to install heating for seating furniture, for example in a car seat? Naturally, you want to be assured of the highest achievable quality. As a manufacturer, you naturally want the best quality products for your chairs. Whether it is car seats, aircraft seats, office chairs or other types of seating, at Comflair we are at your service with our excellent service. We deliver our product to multiple manufacturers all across Europe.

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Install heating for your car seat or other seating furniture

In our product range, you will always find suitable heating for a car seat or other seating furniture that you can install. We also have the ability to customize systems. If the product does not quite meet your requirements or if something needs to be changed so that it works optimally, you can always come to us. This way you are sure to install the best heating furniture into a car seat or any other seating furniture from your company. Thanks to our years of experience and collaboration with several manufacturers throughout Europe, we can offer all different kinds of parts to make your furniture adjustable. The design and development take place in Western Europe and the production mostly takes place in Eastern Europe.

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Our outstanding services

When you want to install heating for seating furniture, for example in a car seat but you want to outsource this, we at Comflair are here for you. We are more than a supplier and we are happy to help you find the perfect solution for your company. Therefore you can count on us to install seat heating, but also for heating repairs.

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To order our heating furniture, you can simply request a quote. We will send you a sample which can be adjusted to your wishes. For more information you can always contact us. Call us at + 31 313 – 65 02 71, send an email to or fill out our contact form.