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Do you want to repair the seat heating mounted in your seats? At Comflair we are happy to help by offering various products. We offer all different kinds of parts to make your seat heating adjustable. In addition, we are happy to provide you with professional advice and it is possible to call in our experts to repair your seat heating.

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You want to offer your customers the best products. When your seat heating is not working properly anymore or when a part is broken, you want to repair it as soon as possible. Our product range includes various products that can be used for this purpose. For example, heat pads, controllers and switches can be made to customer specifications, ensuring that they always meet your needs. Do you not have heating furniture yet, but would like to install it in the seats you produce? You can also contact us about our seat heating for the automotive industry.

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Is the seat heating in your manufactured seats broken and do you need to repair it? Then contact the experts of our company and request a quote for the products you need. You can reach us by calling + 31 313 – 65 02 71 or by sending an email to