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At Comflair we deliver our pneumatic massage system to companies throughout Europe. We deliver mainly to manufacturers of various types of vehicle seats. Our pneumatic massage system is a four-zone massager that fits in almost every seat. By using air cells for the movement, the system provides a very comfortable massage without needing a lot of space. The driver enjoys a comfortable wave of air massaging in their back. The systems are suitable for different types of vehicles to prevent a sore and tired back.

A pneumatic massage system of the highest quality

Are you a manufacturer and looking for a massage system to place in your vehicle seats? Our pneumatic massage system is the ideal solution. By placing our systems in your seats, the driver is much more concentrated. This makes a valuable contribution to the safety of the person behind the wheel. Our pneumatic massage system helps to prevent fatigue and stress of the driver, which decreases the chance of accidents. We also sell various other furniture components that you can incorporate into a car or seat. Examples include manual lumbar support and heating furniture.

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Are you interested in our pneumatic massage system? Please contact our company for more information or request a quote directly. You can reach us by calling + 31 313 – 65 02 71 or by sending an email to jilgert@comflair.nl. It is also possible to ask your questions via our contact form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.